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Early Childhood Education Program
Pre-School and Pre-K programs to provide children with the skills they need for elementary school
Here, children are encouraged to explore their curiosity and unique interests, through immersive early childhood learning experiences, as they begin to develop important school readiness skills.

As a parent, you can make these early moments count by ensuring your child is developing the core skills they’ll need for kindergarten and the rest of their life. Weekly themes are incorporated into the classroom’s learning centers and focuses on the core concepts of:

Social Studies
The Arts
Pre-School Program
Engaging Your Preschooler In Purposeful Play
Our preschool program provides hands-on learning activities that will spark your child’s interest and curiosity. Within our classrooms and with the support of teachers, your child will develop and practice the social and academic skills important for future success.
Building independence
Collaboration and communication skills
Hands-on learning
Literacy and number concepts
Pre-Kindergarten Program
Preparing children for success in kindergarten and beyond
Grand Tots pre-K teachers nurture the interests, curiosity and skills of your child. Through intentional, play-based activities and classroom activities that build both social skills and independent learning, our pre-K students benefit from individualized educational support on a daily basis.
Learning Environment
In the preschool classroom, you will see learning centers stocked with materials that are intentionally placed to encourage purposeful and engaging play. Dramatic play, library, blocks, creative arts, science, math, and sensory experiences are all offered to children daily.
Curriculum that's up-to-date
Our Director spends a tremendous amount of time studying research articles and trend reports in order to offer your child and his/her the latest and greatest in early childhood education.
Fun and challenging learning activities
Your child will experience a well-rounded balance of learning activities and many opportunities to develop important skills needed to be successful in school. Skills range from learning basic colors worth younger children to exploring the alphabet with older children.

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