Early Childhood Education Programs

Early Childhood Education Programs
Our Nursery School, Pre-School and Pre-K programs provide children with the skills they need for elementary school. Here, children are encouraged to explore their curiosity and unique interests, through immersive early childhood learning experiences, as they begin to develop important school readiness skills.

Our Nursery School class offers a gentle introduction to school for our youngest children. The group is slightly smaller than our other classes. Considerable time is spent establishing routines and procedures and familiarizing the students with their teachers and one another. Teachers focus on Separation by building relationships with children and their families and encouraging children to express their emotions in constructive ways.


Our program is uniquely designed to give your child a wonderful pre-school experience.

Our pre-school program provides hands-on learning activities that will spark your child’s interest and curiosity. Within our classrooms and with the support of teachers, your child will develop and practice the social skills important for future success. Children receive learning experiences that include; science and math, language, music and art, and reading readiness. We also teach advanced concepts in a fun hands-on approach to instill a lifelong love of learning.


Our pre-K program prepares your child for success in school and life.

Grand Tots prepares your child for kindergarten in a safe environment from a loving, experienced and qualified staff. By balancing social-emotional skills and academic preparation, our teachers and classrooms empower children to learn, grow and thrive. Most importantly, we center our focus around helping our little ones make a smooth transition into elementary school and into an after-school setting.

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When you entrust your child’s education to Grand Tots, you can count on us to provide an academically excellent education for them.

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